My Internet Persona

I had a friend once tell me, “kikalavil is… interesting. It’s just so out of the blue, like how did you come up with it?” I feel like this is a question I should answer for my readers as well.

Kikalavil started back with one of my first emails. I was probably in 8th grade or so and it was back in the day when everyone had emails that you thought writing is doomed. Instead of using the actual word love, people would spell it luv and so on and so forth. I didn’t want to seem unintelligent when going to the mall and people asking me, “what’s your email?” and replying with “iluv2…, love spelt with a U and to as the number 2.” So smart 14 year old me went with something I would have to end up writing out anyways.

When we were little, my sister could not pronounce my name so she ended up just saying Kika which she ended up calling me for a few years. When it slowly died off, a friend of mine heard my mom telling the story about how my sister called me that and told me, “I love it! I am going to start calling you that.” By this stage, I was in the 8th grade. This is what made me use Kika as my internet name. At the time, I wanted to be a “cool kid” with a fun email. So my first actual internet presence came with the name kikalavil, a name I would end up using for anything internet wise.

It started with my email, then tumblr, then twitter and now wordpress. It is somewhat my internet persona and a name I kind of actually love, Lavil being a mix of both of my last names. It has got nothing to do with my blog name, Diary of an Expat, but it is somewhat something that I’ve used for a long time and I cannot see myself changing anytime soon.



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