If We Were Having Coffee

Ahhhh Thursdays. Hello. It is almost, finally, the end of the week. Thursday has to be one of my favorite days. More than halfway done! Okay, now I feel like I am just stating the obvious. Also, today happens to be the 13th which is my favorite number and two days away from my three month anniversary with Paris (yes, Paris and I are that annoying couple that celebrate each months anniversary because… it is Paris).

This week has been quite interesting. I do not work on Mondays due to my class schedule. This week, Tuesday was a national holiday so we got it off! Meaning, I took advantage of the AMAZING, sunny day here in Paris, grabbed a few friends and went to Versailles for a picnic. I always laugh when Parisians tell me to prepare for the cold. I smile nicely and just simply say, “no worries, I grew up in Portland, Oregon, where it rains 300 days out of the year” (don’t quote me on that statistic, but it definitely feels like it). I always try to contain my smirk as I pass Parisians with umbrellas if it looks like it is about to rain… or maybe even just drizzling. I also lived in the Midwest, where at the moment, it is apparently snowing (thank you Facebook feed for keeping me updated with the weather back in Indiana).

Versailles was a great time with friends that make me feel so alive and happy. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am here in Europe. I really live here? I do? I am surrounded by people that speak an amazing, incredibly beautiful language? I do? Talking to my friend today, I told her I actually have panic attacks thinking about going back to the states.

“Unless it is New York City, I cannot give this up. I can’t give up this feeling of being alive and so happy.”

Everyday is a new adventure. Every weekend I end up acting out a great story that I will be telling everyone on Monday. I feel so protective of these experiences and this feeling of peace that I haven’t had in years. Yes, I have NOTHING figured out and kind of just going with the flow right now (with a somewhat outline of my future plans) but I feel okay. Maybe a little heartbroken. Maybe. But the greatest relationships are evolving around me at the moment…

With my family (distance can never separate us), with my amazing, new friends and most importantly, with myself.

So, what kind of coffee did you end up getting?



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