17 Things You Might Not Know About Kikalavil

It has been a while since I have been able to actually sit down and write a blog post. This past month has just been crazy in itself, with three consecutive trips and my university gala. I am certainly not complaining. Val de Loire was a beautiful, countryside escape, Milan was my doorway into Italy, a country I was already in love with but now even more, and Germany was a fun weekend away with friends I had not seen in years. Before I get into my posts about my trips and all the seriousness, I thought maybe I could do a quick little post about things you probably do not know about me.

  1. I have two last namesI have a whole post dedicated to this, but in short, in Spain women don’t change their last names and also give their last names to their children. My first last name is my dad’s and my second last name is my mother’s first. I also had to legally change my last name in the states. But if you want to know more, read here.
  2. Kikalavil. I have a post dedicated to my internet name as well, but again… in short, my sister couldn’t pronounce my first name when she was little, Veronica. So she would call me “Kika”. It stuck. The “lavil” part is a mix of my last names.
  3. My favorite show is I Love Lucy. My favorite actress is Lucille Ball. Oh, I had a bad day? Put on I Love Lucy. I have watched that show ever since I was little. It was my night time ritual with my mom while dad worked night shifts. For some reason, little three year old thought it was hilarious (because it is), and I own every season on DVD (but they are in the states…). I once wrote a paper in high school about how Lucille Ball is a hero and an icon.
  4. I prefer dogs to cats. Always have been a dog person, always will. I like that they are playful and loyal.
  5. I am majoring in history at the Sorbonne (my degree will be done in French!). It can be frustrating at times because not only am I still learning French along the way, but I am also learning the rules on how to write essays here… which is annoying and what takes my points away. I have legitimately had a teacher comment on my essay that I had “too much information”. That was a first.
  6. I am a wannabe polyglot. I speak Spanish and English (maternal languages), French (fluently) and am learning Italian and German. People always ask me why I didn’t take on something in languages for my studies, but I find learning languages as a hobby. I don’t think I can see myself being a translator, even though when I watch things in English with French subtitles I am always picky with the translation.
  7. Debutant photographer. If you have been following my Instagram from the beginning, then you know my pictures sucked. All of the sudden it went from my private life and silly things to trying to be better quality. Trying to learn!
  8. I love photographs and hoarder of memories. Tickets, money, receipts… I like hoarding these small, intimate things from my trips. I either post them on my wall or put them in my journal (depending on if it was mentioned or not).
  9. I keep a journal, like any “writer” should. As mentioned in my hoarding capabilities, I keep a journal. I bring it with to me to multiple places and jot down everything from thoughts, dreams and ideas. In my “notes” on my phone, I have a lot of ideas and sentences that I wasn’t able to jot down in my journal when I was out and about doing something.
  10. I collect shot glasses. The Frenchman and I started doing this at the beginning of our relationship and it has just stuck. We now have over 20 shot glasses from cities and countries we have visited… and continuing!
  11. I have started collecting books from each country in their native language. It is something I recently started when I went to Milan a few weeks ago. Don’t know what gave me the idea, but I feel like books is one of the closest things to the culture of a country.
  12. The French really like my guacamole. Truthfully, finding good Mexican food in France is difficult. Until now, Chipotle was the only place I felt was “decent” enough, but this weekend I found a great authentic place near my apartment (Itacate). But when I moved to France, a decent guacamole was so difficult to find, so I perfected my own. Now, when Frédéric and I go to soirées with our friends, they always ask for my guacamole.
  13. My favorite band is La Oreja de Van Gogh. They are from the Basque region in Spain. They have now changed singer, but their early 2000’s hit, Geografia, is my ANTHEM. The music and the writing for this song are absolute perfection for me. I have never gotten sick of this song. Here is a translated version of what the first verse means:
    I would love to invent a country with you
    so like the words homeland and future,
    flag, nation, frontier, race or destiny
    would make some sense to me.
    And to the east with thousands of friends, 
    the south with your passions and the west with the sea.
    The north with all the secrets I never tell you 
    so I can govern them closely if you want to conquer them.
    If you feel it too, if you want to too
    Don’t think about it, let’s go, we are already two. 
  14. I used to want to become an actress/singer. I did musical theatre in high school, loved singing and wrote my own songs for while, learned to play the guitar by myself…
  15. I am writing a novel. It will definitely take me a while (likely years with university and such) to write. It is based off of people I know. I want to get the story straight and would like it to be historically accurate. I am in the beginning process of getting the characters straightened out.
  16. I went to ten schools! No, my family and I were not in the military. My dad is an engineer. I definitely learned how to be the new girl, and it was very difficult to get attached and make friends, since I always had the sensation that we would be moving soon.
  17. I started this blog before I knew I would move to France. At the time it was called La Vie Est Belle… 

Hopefully you had a little bit of fun reading this post! I will soon be posting about my trips to Milan and Stuttgart and about the gala at the Sorbonne.



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