Photo Gallery: Turkey Run State Park – Indiana

On my visit back to the United States, my family and I decided to go camping. It had been a few years since I had done such a thing. We used to do it actively back when I was younger. We had a trailer, went four-wheeling on the Oregon coast and even took a road trip to Canada. Since we sold our trailer (years ago… I must have not even been 10 years old), we haven’t done much camping, and naturally, I am much more of a city girl. But hiking and kayaking have always remained one of my favorite things to do when outdoors, and I was lucky to do such a thing with my family. This was the first time I was in the states for more than a week and a half (I was there about three weeks – more about that and the reverse culture shock in an upcoming post).

We went camping not far from Indianapolis, Indiana (about an hour drive), Turkey Run State Park. Here is a photo gallery of our hikes and when we went kayaking. You can follow more of my photography on my Instagram, @kikalavil.

Camping Ground

The entrance to the trail

On the bridge

View of the bridge on the hike

Out kayaking with the sister



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Many thanks to my cousin for some additional photos I was not able to take (especially the photos when kayaking).

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