Finding Color in a Winter Wardrobe

Winter has finally arrived, and luckily, in December, everything is sparkling. And while winter in Paris is one of my favorite seasons in this beautiful city, it’s also a very dark time when it comes to fashion. As the cliché goes, the French love to dress in black.

I am a big fan of the dark look. I think it works perfectly as a day look and can also be the quick go to for a night out on the town while putting on some red lipstick (again, very French).

Lately, it’s been pretty sunny in Paris, which is amazing. My favorite weather is that winter chill when the sun is out. But I can only imagine what the weather is going to be like in January when the rain is continuous, the sky is grey and the buildings seem to have no color or warmth to them. That is when Paris can become difficult to live in. So, I have planned ways to help me cope with those winter blues. One of those ways is by adding more color to my winter wardrobe.

My favorite color is autumn, and I think that can be seen in the colors I have decided to maintain throughout the winter. I love those earthy hues. I think a long, tan coat can class up any sort of outfit. I bought the Timberlands that I am wearing three years ago and they are so durable. They tend to keep my feet pretty warm and the ones I have have a little heel to them because I am not a big fan of flats (except for my Adidas).

My favorite accessory which happens to be new to the wardrobe is this little purse from “chez Zara” (as the French would say). I saw it on Be Parisien‘s Instagram, and I immediately fell in love with it. I resisted the temptation at first and continued on with my life until a few weeks later when I walked into an actual Zara store and saw it sitting on a shelf. Again, I resisted but could not get it out of my head and a day later, there I was, buying it. Hey, it’s the holidays… and I am allowed to spoil myself every once in a while, no?

Anyways, finding a little bit of color in my winter wardrobe is going to help me survive the grey days and the long winter that will soon arrive in Paris.

Besos, bisous, xoxo




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