PFW February 2019

This past week has been crazy, and I don’t even know where to begin. If you have been following me for a few years now, you most likely know that I did get invited to last year’s Oxford Fashion Studio shows in Paris. Don’t remember? Well… here’s a flashback to the outfit I wore.

I was invited again this year, and the experience did not disappoint. The events that I am invited to have nothing to do with shows like Dior, Chanel or Tommy Hilfiger but are about designers who are up and coming from all parts of the world.

Flying Solo Presentation + Oxford Fashion Studio Shows: The Presentation of Multiple Designers

These two events were quite interesting, and though they had the same goal in mind (showcasing different designers), they did it in different styles.

Flying Solo Presentation presented 38 different designers based in New York City. The location of the event was near the Champs Elysées. The guests were invited into a big room, where models would walk out and pose in the designs, letting us take pictures and admire the work. There was everything from street style to ballgowns.

Oxford Fashion Studio hosted two events at the hotel the Intercontinental Le Grand near the Opera. There were seven designers per show, all with different backgrounds and inspirations. Two designers caught my eye. Opera Recycles had beautiful dresses designed out of recycled marketing material. It’s a group of designers with a mission, as they say, “to highlight the art of opera and environmental conservation by transforming recycled material into couture fashion… and inspiring the community to find creative solutions to environmental problems.” In a time when the fashion industry is being questioned for its waste, these designers did a good job in showing that we can change in how we use material and what we wear. The other designer that caught my eye was Lior Charchy, with beautifully crafted, attention to detail wedding dresses. The dresses were stunning, with lace, geometric shapes, open backs… What I liked was learning that the designer is Israeli with Iranian roots and that the collection was inspired from a personal point of view “that emphasizes the combination between ethnic and modern tailored world”.  You could definitely tell that each dress was special and that a lot of time had gone into creating the collection.

To see photos from these events, you can check out the stories on my Instagram, under “PFW Feb 2019”.

Dara Senders

“All women, no matter their shape and size deserve to feel and look fashion forward, sophisticated and beautiful every day!”

This is how Dara Senders introduces her label on her website and how she introduced it to me when I went to her event. As a curvy woman living in Paris, this was the first time I had ever heard of her and I was excited to be introduced to such a lovely brand, with a goal to include all kinds of women. Her sizes range from small to 3XL (she ships internationally!).

The event was to showcase her new collection of accessories and prêt-à-porter. It was really nice to attend because you got to speak to Dara one on one and get to know her more and what her goals for the brand are. There were treats, champagne and we could try on her accessories. I absolutely loved her berets, giving a chic twist to the classic hat.

Yummy little treats!

Thanks for having me!

The Outfits

As a blogger (with a certain interest in fashion), a lot of the times I do feel like I need to be wearing new outfits and items all the time. The reality is, I am a poor, 23-year-old history student living in the heart of Paris (hello? Rent is SUPER expensive in the city of lights). Anything “new” can often be a luxury for me (seriously, I’ve texted my mom before and been like “I just bought a pair of 25 euros jeans and I feel super guilty but I needed them”).

Once I saw the invitation to fashion week, I started stressing. What was I going to wear, what could I afford and what was my budget? Once I did a few strolls through several stores, I started building the outfits in my head and realized what I did have, and what I was going to need.

Outfit 1

MariaJBlogs has recently been posting photos, and even did a whole blog post, with midi skirts. I have been obsessing over them but remembered back in high school when I wore a midi skirt once, I felt like I got lost in it and it made me look short and chunky. So I was nervous about trying the trend again but I told myself that it was fashion week and it was the time to try new things.

Shirt: Hollister (old) Skirt: New Look Shoes: André

The midi skirt I ended up wearing was one I saw at New Look, and it was something that I felt I could easily dress with things that I had at home. I ended up wearing it with an old Hollister shirt that was gifted to me for Christmas a few years ago and with high heels from André which were on sale during les soldes (a few weeks in January when most stores go on sale after the holidays).

Right before the actual RAIN STORM started

Rosé ou brut?

Outfit 2

When I had gone shopping for my outfits, it was sunny in Paris and the weather was so warm that it sometimes felt outrageous to drag our coats around with us. Hence the white pants. The feeling of spring arriving, picnics in the park with friends, sunny evenings drinking wine on the terrasse had made me jump the gun. At the same time, I love how white outfits look with a winter backdrop and I’ve never been one of those “don’t wear white after Labor Day!” kinds of people.

The white pants (from Bershka) I styled with my year old Louis et Cie shoes, New Look jacket (around a year old) and pink sweater with a black Michael Kors purse.

Closer look at my makeup

What I loved about this outfit was the simplicity of it and I can’t deny that when I think of the month of February, I think of the color pink.

Outfit 3

Aaaaannnndddd I am an outfit repeater. Whoops. I wore the same pants for my third event as I did to the second event. Originally with this outfit, I had planned to wear high heeled black sandals but the weather in Paris is unpredictable and it started raining so I ended up wearing the same André shoes that I wore to the first event.

The jacket I added is from Bershka and the top I wore is an old Zara sweater I got last year. I paired the outfit with the same Michael Kors bag I wore with outfit 2 as well. My favorite part of this outfit was the accessories I wore. They were my statement pieces to a simple outfit. The earrings are from Zara.

All in all, my second time at fashion week was fun and more eventful than the first. As someone who doesn’t know what I am doing in my life, where I am headed (I’ve got certain goals in mind, don’t worry mom and dad) I know that with opportunities like these, the work I put into them and with motivation and patience, I will figure it out. I am so grateful to be able to partake in these events, to watch the creations of others take center stage and to meet people with amazing passion and talent.

Bisous, besos, xoxo,




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