Evolution: PFW September 2019

It’s fashion season again, and I thought that this time around it would be fun to see the evolution of my style since moving to Paris.

I was looking at photos the other day and couldn’t believe how much I have changed. Not just in style, since its always evolving and changing, but also in how I carry myself. How I dress myself gives me more confidence.

Hat: H&M – Shirt: (Old) Zara – Belt: Mango – Skirt: Stradivarius – Tights: Primark – Shoes: (Old) Bershka – Purse: (Old) Michael Kors

When I moved to Paris, I had just turned 19 and was coming from a small town in Indiana where I had lived for the past two years. I had always been into makeup and fashion, but always from afar. In the town where I lived and at my high school, recently being the new girl, I was shy and wanted to make friends (especially since it was my senior year of high school) so I did everything to fit in, including changing the way I dressed. I wore red lipstick once to school and remember a lot of people looking at me weirdly.

Moving to Paris has given me confidence in doing whatever I want to do, in dressing how I like and being whoever I want to be.

A year and a half ago I was invited to my first fashion event by Oxford Fashion Studio. I remember being nervous and not knowing what to wear. Here are the following outfits I have worn for Paris Fashion Week.

On my way to my first fashion event (2018)

Feb. 2019

Feb. 2019

Feb. 2019

So, how has my style changed since moving to Paris? When I first moved to the city of lights, even though I knew that it was the fashion capital of the world, I was mixing multiple colors. I didn’t really pay attention to details and was mixing and matching multiple styles that didn’t really go together.

Now, five years later, details are everything. Does my lip color go with the outfit? Does my purse match? Are the different colors in the same tone? What about jewelry? I used to wear clunky stuff, now I like things that are small and add a simple touch.

The red lipstick started appearing by the end of 2014. My makeup has evolved. I never used to wear foundation and didn’t know how to contour nor do my eyes well. It was when I started going out with friends in Paris that I started doing a full face of makeup. They showed me how to apply things outside of eyeliner and mascara, and I wanted to learn more. I loved playing around with the colors and seeing what looked good on me. Unsurprisingly, I am obsessed with autumn colors (golds, brown and maroon…).

There’s something I am still battling though, and that is my body. I’ve written about it before, and I want my body to be strong. I do battle with body image issues, and before going to one of the events this weekend, I had a mental breakdown. It wasn’t pretty, because I am struggling to feel strong, beautiful and amazing in this body. I went to the doctor and talked about how I am struggling to lose weight (I am 24 years-old, love to walk around this city and honestly eat better here than I did in the states). He just looked me up and down and said, “you’re sure you walk this city? You’re sure you eat well? You need to eat less and exercise more.” It was a punch to the gut (mind you, I am switching doctors). He even commented on how I dress (telling me jeans aren’t good to wear?). There was nothing else involved in that conversation, and I left the doctor’s cabinet crying.

My body image is an issue right now. Especially since I’ve gained weight. There are days when I want to cry and have breakdowns. Then there are days where I walk out the door, grateful for my body.

I have a friend who once told me that he watched a documentary talking about women and fashion, and he said, “apparently women in heels tend to feel more confident and ready to take on the world.” I know that isn’t true for everyone, but I do own my power better when I am in full face and am wearing something that makes me feel beautiful.

Bisous, besos, xoxo,




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