25 Things To Accomplish or Learn in the Second Half of My Twenties

It’s here… I am now officially 25 and this is crazy. A quarter of a century. The last year in France where I can go to museums for free. Considered part of the “young group” when buying tickets (and get those nice student discounts). I need to stop writing because I am starting to freak out…

In all honesty, I have grown a lot as a person in the last year and I can’t wait to see what 25 has to offer and what awaits in the last years of my twenties. It’s funny to think that when I was younger, a lot of people told me that my twenties were going to be the best years of my life… and even though I have lived a lot of amazing experiences up to now, I am pretty sure that my early twenties were definitely not the best years of my life. I feel like they are coming. Because I have felt a weight lifted and have this newfound strength that I feel like I can take on anything that life is ready to throw at me.

When I first started writing this blog post, I wanted to write about what I had learned in the past 25 years of my life. But I no longer want to stay stuck in the past, I want to claim my future.

So, here are 25 things I feel I need to learn and accomplish before my thirties (ranging from trips to life-long lessons).

I no longer want to look to the past, I want to claim my future.

  1. Know how to take care of yourself and your worth. This has been THE lesson of my 24th year, but one that I think needs to be developed more in the next coming years. You are the only person that knows how to take care of yourself, and no other person can determine what you deserve.
  2. Saying NO and setting my boundaries. This one is super important to me. I have realized to what point I have become a people pleaser, and how I hate disappointing those around me, especially those whom I love. I have stayed in relationships for far too long even though I knew they were hurting me, I have tried to salvage relationships that I knew were doomed, and I have thought too much about what others would/will think of me. I am the only person who knows what is best for me and I am the only person who knows what I can and can’t do. My dreams and my life should be lived for myself and not those around me.
  3. I want to finish my studies, but I have decided to take a gap year to figure some stuff out. I like the subject I am writing my dissertation on, but History wasn’t the major I wanted to get when I graduated high school. I have decided to take the year off to study for entrance exams to journalism or communication schools. I really hate taking exams like these (who doesn’t, I know) and they give me major anxiety. I hate failing at something, but I have decided I need to start taking more chances and believing in myself. I will be ending my first year of Masters and sending in my dissertation on the entrance of Spanish women into diplomacy, because the subject is very fascinating and I am very lucky to have been able to study it and meet the amazing women who have broken the field. 
  4. I want to figure out my career and find stability. I don’t know where it will lead me to, but I see myself in something with a creative outlet and writing. 
  5. I really want to spend a few months in Italy, with the goal in mind that I really want to become fluent in Italian. I don’t know if becoming fluent is very realistic in the next 5 years, but as long as I can spend a summer really trying, that is what matters to me. When I thought about moving abroad when I was 19, I was always between living in France or Italy, because they were the two languages that I wanted to speak and the two countries I had always dreamed about visiting. In the end, I chose France because I have wanted to learn French since I was three… now it is time to learn Italian.

    Spent a weekend in Rome and fell absolutely in love with the city.

  6. I would like to visit Scotland. I was supposed to do a semester abroad there, but ended up having to decline due to financial reasons. 
  7. I also would love to have a Mamma Mia summer, which means visit Greece. When studying Ancient Rome and Greece during my bachelors, I was always intrigued by Greece, their philosophy, democracy… so I would love to visit the ruins… while listening to my Mamma Mia playlist, because it was my first broadway show I ever saw and one of my favorites. 
  8. Travel to a continent that I have never been to (like South America, Asia, or Africa). I want to see cultures that are very, extremely different to the ones that I know. 
  9. Read more. Since I have started university, I have been exhausted by reading. Not only that, but doing my studies in a foreign language was very difficult at the beginning, and I remember (this still happens on tough days) coming home and just needing to put on a show I knew by heart in English or Spanish because I needed to not think for a few hours. I want to find that love for reading again, and not read because I have to turn in a paper on Monday.
  10. Really develop more of my photography. I absolutely love being behind the lens and thinking about how to take photos, shots, angles, lighting, themes… being in quarantine too has helped develop this passion more because I had to think of different ways to capture photos. So I want to be behind the camera more.

    I love being creative and planning shoots.

  11. Start a Youtube channel… This has secretly been something I have wanted to do since I was in high school but never had the guts to do one. Also, Youtube is definitely a whole other ball game than having a blog, and what I love about blogging (even though it is probably not something that people keep up with as much as back in the early 2010’s) is how creative it can get. I love planning out the story and the photos that will go along with it, but I also really love video editing. It was a passion that started back in high school when I made a video for a family member, and then it just became something I would do. I created so many videos for my theatre groups, summers with my friends… 
  12. Get back into playing music. Since moving abroad, I no longer have my piano, my old guitar and my violin. I did end up buying a guitar because I missed playing music so much, but it is definitely something I have left on the back burner that needs to be practiced more.
  13. Understand thoroughly that there should be no confusion in love. Whether it be through family, friends or relationships… We receive the love we think we deserve and let me tell you, when it comes to love, we deserve peace. That doesn’t mean that everything is going to be butterflies, rainbows and sunshine… But in difficult times, there should still be a sense of security.

    There should be no confusion in love.

  14. Get my driver’s license in France. Getting a driver’s license in Europe, in general, is very difficult and costs a lot of money, but I miss driving so much. And I miss my red Mini Cooper, I am not going to lie. 
  15. Dive. By that, I mean skydive and scuba dive. Both. 
  16. Keep up to date with my journal. When I was a kid, I used to write in my journal a lot. As I have grown, and as life has started to get heavy and adult-like, I have stopped writing as much in my private journal. I would like to get back to doing that more. It was always a good way to get emotions out, and a private, creative outlet… 
  17. Start the draft for my novel. Yes, I already have an idea for it too. 
  18. Get back into acting. Find some kind of theatre group or something and do it for fun.
  19. Keep up to date with this blog more. As of now, I only post when I have a good idea/feel like it. I would like to get on a regular schedule for posting content. Once my life gets settled this summer, I am going to look at what that means, whether it be once or twice a week. I no longer want this blog to just be sitting around. 
  20. Even in the worst of times, always try to see things with a more positive outlook. I am really good at overthinking and giving myself anxiety. Lately, it has been better though.
  21. Love every stage of my body. I recently saw a tweet about how we always feel like our bodies aren’t at their best potential, and then we look back and wish we had the body we hadn’t appreciated. I definitely feel that way a lot. I look at my body at 16 and wish that’s the body I had today, but I know that when looking at those photos, 16 year-old Veronica hated it. My body has gotten me through a lot, and I appreciate it more and more. 
  22. Getting my breast reduction
  23. Learn flamenco. Yes, I am THAT Spaniard.
  24. Travel throughout Spain a bit more. As a half Spaniard, I feel like I know Madrid and the north (San Sebastian and Santander) but I have never been to places like Barcelona, Sevilla or Granada. I want to explore more of this country that is my childhood home for me. 
  25. Have a place that I can actually call home. As a child that moved around a lot, I have never had the feeling of home. It has been a very strange word for me. I mean, as said above, Spain is my childhood home, but it is that because of the memories with my cousins and family. For a time, it was that one place that no matter how many times my sister and I were moved around, didn’t change much. My Spanish cousins and grandparents were always there, waiting and excited to greet us. But I would like to explore more that idea once I have a career settled and a stable job. Paris does have that feeling. I am always happy to come back. What can an actual home for me, Veronica, look like?

I can’t believe I am 25 already… Time flies.

Bisous, besos, xoxo,




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