Raised on the Road

She’ll always have her feet in so many places and her bags will always be packed, for having her heart split between two homes has never been easy but that’s all she has ever known. She’ll look at you in wander when you speak of your childhood, for having four walls that represent a home she’s never owned. She’s always been changing places but she knows that nothing really ever changes. She’ll make her friends her family, for when she loves she gives her all. She’s always ready for adventure and trying new dishes. She won’t care what others think of her… or maybe just a little, for she wants to leave a lasting impression. She’ll tap her feet on the ground with impatience when she has sat still for too long, for there are still places to discover and languages to learn. She’ll wear her heart on her sleeve, but can also self sabotage when she sees you know her too well. Many who have dared to try to be with her have only ever disappointed, leaving her for dead on the side of the road, but she only ever comes back stronger. She grew up on the road, so she knows all the dangers.

Don’t ever try to change her or constrain her or try to construct her into what you believe she should be, for she’ll go mad with how you just can’t see who she is. She’ll love you too much to run, but once she’s gone she can only run fast enough to fly. Fly high enough to rebuild the love she knows only she can give herself. She won’t need another to survive… but if you dare be with her, only give her peace. Give her your heart, a place she can run to after she’s tired of being a tourist… give her a place she can call home.

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